Easter Came Early

Having a Golden Retriever, it’s amazing what their nose can find. I let Emme out to do her thing and she kept going to one spot by the house. I thought this was a little strange. I told her to get away from the house and go do her business. After the third trip outside with the same result, I decided to investigate. I saw the grass was moving. Rather than chance having my fingers getting bitten off by who knows what, I went into the garage to get a rake.

I went back to the spot and gently pulled back the grass. At first I thought it was a snake. These things were coiled up together. After a little closer investigation, they were bunnies.

It had been really cold out for Florida anyway, so this made sense why the mother must have put the nest next to the house. I put the grass gently back over the three bunnies and we watched to see if their momma was going to come back. It was another 30 degree night and no momma. My wife took executive action and brought them inside. We used the aquarium for a make shift house. (This is the same aquarium that I used for the Fruit Loops photo) We used a baking cooling rack as a cover. My wife went to the pet store and got milk replacement and some syringes that are used to feed kittens or puppies.

Needless to say, the first day was uneventful as they were terrified of being pulled out of the ground and put into a glass box by these huge creatures and fed milk! My contribution was photographing this whole fiasco. Not to mention the dog was more confused. We told her not to chase rabbits and now they are living in the kitchen!

They were a visiting resident for three days. They grew like weeds and were ready to go back to the wild. As soon as we released them, they were off like a shot. I’m glad that we were able to help out Mother Nature this time.

How I photographed this…
Since we were dealing with a wild and possibly rabid animal, I didn’t want to scare these poor creatures any further. Not to mention that it was my mother and wife who’s fingers were very close to the business end. Therefore, I didn’t want to use a flash.

I ended up using my 50mm f/1.4. I set the ISO at 800 and got a shutter speed of 125 of a second. I fired away and got many angles. These guys were very easy to work with as I think they were to scared to move. I used my Expo Disc to create a custom white balance.

All in all, it was a interesting experience. If you ever find yourself in this situation, be patient and take lots of photos!

Until next time…

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