Revisited: SAS Salvage – Sarasota, Florida

When one goes out to photograph something, who knows what will happen. I have posted on this location before, but they have revolving inventory so you never know what will show up next. I did a class awhile back at SAS Salvage in Sarasota, Florida. Since I like old, falling apart stuff (oh, that’s me!) this is hog heaven for me. If you are looking for that “special something” for your home or office, you may want to check them out. They have anything you could think of…including old door knobs!

The building is really dark so in the past I shot with my 50mm f/1.4 lens. This is a great option as it’s sharp, light and can focus in the dark. However, I realized that when I pulled my camera out of the bag that I had the Nikon 18-200 attached. This lens has served me over the years, but I do find that it’s soft and I really have to crank up the sharpening. Never fear, use what you have and make it sing! I just cranked up the ISO to 1600 and shot wide open at f/5.6. The owners don’t mind photographers which is refreshing, but in the same sense, I don’t want to bring a bunch of tripods and lighting equipment to impeded their paying customers either.

Spencer Pullen photographed this cow pattie sign at SAS Salvage in Sarasota, Florida.Cow Patties In The Area – Spencer Pullen © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Like I said, you will never know what you will find. I grew up partly on a dairy farm so not a whole lot phases me. When I saw this sign, I started cracking up. I remember being up north and when I was on a four wheeler (I think they call them ATVs now) I would go through them for fun. In the winter, you could tell the fresh ones as they were steaming. More than you wanted to know I’m sure. Anyway, since I know I had a slower lens on, this sign was close to an exterior door which meant that I had some daylight coming in. This helped me get a faster shutter speed to get a sharper photo.

Spencer Pullen photographed these lockers at SAS Salvage in Sarasota, Florida.Call Me – Spencer Pullen © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Outside they had gotten some new lockers in. These looked like they had been well used by another company. However, in bright pink, was Call Me and a 800 number. I was tempted to call the number to see where it might lead me, but I restrained myself. Anyone remember that 80’s song, “Jenny 876-5309” They actually set up an 800 number for that song since they have so many people calling it. (I’m on only child, what can I tell you).

Spencer Pullen photographed these lockers at SAS Salvage in Sarasota, Florida.Drop Dead Gorgeous – Spencer Pullen © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Where in the world were these lockers?! Another set as the ones before. I’m sure someone would love to have these in their home. Right.

Spencer Pullen photographed these lockers at SAS Salvage in Sarasota, Florida.Scratched – Spencer Pullen © 2015 All Rights Reserved

These have seen better days. Not sure if the scratch marks were part of the decoration, or remnants of an after school fight. As you can see, I tilted the camera to an off angle to make the composition more interesting.

As for the processing, these are all straight photos, meaning they were not bracketed. I did some minor tweaking on Adobe Camera RAW and then passed the file to Nik’s Silver Efex Pro. This is an amazing piece of software, and it’s FREE now! How cool is that. Since these have lots of lines, graphics and scratches, I thought the black and white treatment would make those features stand out. The lockers were dark gray in color, so it’s not like we are missing much.

I hope this gives you some ideas of different subjects to photograph. Granted in Florida there are limitless birds, seascapes and flowers to capture. However, step out of your comfort zone and see what you can come up with when a different kind of subject presents itself.

Until next time…

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