Stop The Madness – Lowry Park Zoo – Tampa, Florida

I’m sure we’ve all had days like this. I wish I could say that I was the world’s greatest photographer for getting this shot but, I would be lying. This was one of those right place at the right time photos.

Actually, this is a self portrait of what I look at in my office when clients call and they want me to pull out my crystal ball, right down to the hairy chest and all. Kidding…well kind of…

My wife and I went to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida awhile back. I have to say that this is one of the better zoos that I have attended. There is a lot to see and they even have an upper scale restaurant that looks over the giraffe and elephant exhibit. The food was very good and the prices were reasonable.

Knowing that I was going to a zoo, I wanted to prepare photographically for the trip. I took as many camera cards as my pockets would hold and charged both batteries the night before. I didn’t want to take everything either. There was going to be a lot of walking involved so I wanted to be as light as possible.

When we got to the zoo, I loaded up my camera cards and I fitted my camera with a 80mm-400mm lens. I have found that the subjects like to hide in the shade which is in the back of the exhibit. How you could you blame them? This is Florida and it’s hot. If I’m going to photograph a subject, I would rather fill the frame with them instead of having them be the size of a pin head.

This is where I like to use a long lens. This will reach back into the exhibits where the subjects may be trying to find shade. Here’s a tip, if there’s wire or glass in front of the exhibit, put the lens as close to the wire or glass as possible. My lenses come with lens hoods and I put the lens hood right up against the wire or glass. This will make the barrier transparent, and will not show up in your photograph. Neat!

I also, like to take lots of different angles. I like to work my way across the exhibit, looking up and down. People may look at you like you’re a “little different” but, you will go home with the shot.

Click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version. In my opinion you can get great “safari” photos at your local zoo without the expense of going to Africa . Give it a try.

Until next time…

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