Developing Tools – Large Format Photography

Over the past few years, film is back on the rise again. I was told by suppliers that Millennials are the ones who are driving the movement. Not to mention vinyl records and board games are becoming popular. I was also told that there are more black and white film choices today than there has ever been. This is partly due to smaller film start up companies that are trying to get in on the action with specialized choices in low volume.

When I decided to get into film to make larger prints and to attract collectors that may want a different option, I had never developed film before. Many had either done it when they were younger, high school or college. This was a new journey for me and I had no idea what to expect. With the invention of YouTube and forums, anyone can pretty much learn anything they desire. I spent a year researching large format photography and developing.

To help anyone who is starting to take the same journey that I did, I decided to create a video on what is working for my developing process. I was grateful that some folks shared their knowledge and helped me get to where I am today. Even if you don’t shoot film, you may enjoy this video to see the process and what it takes to get a sheet of film to produce a photo.

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  1. Watched the whole video….EXCELLENT….even tho’ I don’t do what you do I enjoyed watching and seeing the process you go trough to end up with your awesome art.

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