Lovers Key State Park – Bonita Springs, Florida

Some photos become a project in themselves. I’ve been on the hunt for trees on the beach. About a year ago, I found some at Stump Pass Beach State Park. When I returned a year later, I was in time to watch as the pass was being dredged and what I was looking for was five feet under sand! Oh well, that’s the way it goes.

I was looking at some photos online and I found some similar trees. They were located at Lovers Key State Park. I was guessing this must be on the other side of the state of Florida and would have to be an extra special trip to visit. I looked it up on Google Maps and I was in luck. It’s located about an hour south of where I live. I wasted no time. The weather on the following day looked to be promising. Cool dry air with little breeze (this can be in issue with large format due to the bellows).

I got up early (not something I’m accustomed to doing) to get in position for the light. Since the light would be coming up in the east, these would be lit against the Gulf of Mexico. The park opens at 8:00 am, so I made arrangements to be there when they opened.

Once I arrived, I loaded up the backpack and tripod. I had looked at the park’s layout from the satellite so I had an idea which way to proceed. Lovers Key is actually a set of barrier islands that make up the park. There is an easy concrete walking area to the beach that takes you over the different islands. There were quite a bit of wading birds there. This may be a great spot for my birding friends. I made it to the beach and headed towards what I had see on Google Maps. After a ten minute walk, there they were in all of their glory.

I used my app on my phone to find my composition. They were lit as I expected. I ended up taking two photos. The first tree was very tall and had an interesting base that flared out. Then I also saw what appeared to be tree roots that was sitting next to the tall tree. Looked like folks had decorated these tree roots as they went by. Kind of looked like a “Florida Christmas Tree”.

I also had someone with me to shoot some video. We filmed the whole process so you can see exactly how these were taken. The video is included below along with the photos.

If you have a photo that you really want, and at first it seems to have been lost to nature or mankind, keep searching. It’s out there. With today’s tools such as Google Maps and Google Earth, any location can be scouted from your finger tips.

Until next time…

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Spencer Pullen at work with the Zone VI 8x10 camera at Lovers Key State Park in Bonita Springs, Florida.Tall Tree – Spencer Pullen © 2017 All Rights Reserved

Spencer Pullen took this tree stump with the Zone VI 8x10 camera at Lovers Key State Park in Bonita Springs, Florida.Florida Christmas Tree – Spencer Pullen © 2017 All Rights Reserved

  1. I love black and white pictures. You do have a very interesting and unique collection.

  2. Nice job!

  3. Spencer–you’re so good at this!! These are really interesting!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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