Stump Pass Beach State Park – Large Format – Englewood, Florida

Despite one’s best efforts, there are times when the stars just don’t line up. Maybe I should back up a little.

About a year ago, a good friend of mine and I went to Stump Pass Beach State Park in Englewood. Florida. I had seen this location from Google Maps and there seemed to be “toothpicks” coming out of the ground. I had to go investigate this. I called my photo friend and she was up for the challenge.

We arrived and walked down to the point. Took some photos and barely made it back. Here is the link to the original post: Stump Pass Beach State Park – Englewood, Florida.

Now my goal was that I wanted to take the “Toothpick Woodhenge” photo again with my 8×10 field camera. I had this all framed in my head on how I wanted it to go. I got up early to make sure I had the light on the correct side of the trees. Also, parking is at a premium and it fills up fast.

I arrived and found one of the few remaining parking spots. I strapped on the backpack and started down the trail, taking some video along the way. I noticed a sign about the south end of the trail was closed due to bird habitat and reclaiming of the beach. I made note of it and then moved on.

After what seemed like an eternity, I made it down to the end of the park, to find sand fence (some from up north may know this as snow fence). No worries, I found a path around the fence and made it to my spot. It was then I realized that the area I was looking for was now about five feet under sand! They had dredged and bulldozed more sand and extended the beach. This is great for the park and folks visiting, but photographically speaking, they killed it. So the moral of the story is to take the photos when you are there. I did take some with the digital camera so at least I have those. Now I’ll have to scout a new location. This is all part of photography.

Until next time…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful location! I will definitely Set aside a day and and take some pictures the next trip down! Your Videos And information are appreciated!

  2. Nice job! Thank you.

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