Golden Sunset Over The Harbor – Port Charlotte, Florida

It was a long day and I was on my way home from photographing a clients business anniversary party. It was a great party that they had put on but, after a long day, I was ready to go home.  I was driving over the bridge that connects Punta Gorda to Charlotte Harbor when I noticed something odd. The sky was on fire. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky but, the atmosphere had this strange color to it, even for “paradise Florida”.

Coming up the road that runs parallel with the harbor, I was able to watch as the light changed. The colors were truly amazing. However, the tired syndrome was setting in and my body was telling me, “I’ll catch the next one.” A voice in the next seat suggested that I pull over and photograph it anyway. That’s what parents are for.

I pulled the SUV over and got the camera out. There wasn’t any time for a tripod so I took my chances and started photographing hand held. To aid in a sharp picture, I raised my ISO to 800. I found this position and took a few frames. There was some blue sky left, but the light was changing by the second. I hung out for two minutes and the whole harbor looked fiery orange. I took a couple more frames and it was gone.

I’m not sure what happened that night, but I’m glad that I took the two minutes and photographed this beautiful scene. We have not had another sunset like this as of yet. I submitted one of the other images to Fox News and they aired it.

The moral of the story…get more sleep! If you are looking at a scene and your mind is telling you to photograph it, but your body is telling you to crawl into bed, my suggestion is to make the effort to get the shot. You never know when or if that will ever happen again.

Until next time…

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