Guest Photographer: Carol MacDougall – Hurricane Isaac Leaving Florida

With the recent events with Hurricane Isaac, I wanted to try and incorporate this some how into a post. I was hunkered down myself, but I put out a call to my more adventurous friends. I told them if anybody got a good shot that I would be more than willing to put it on the blog this week. Sure enough, a day later I received a great looking photograph in my inbox.

Carol MacDougall photographed the scene that you see here. She is a award winning photographer (I think she has a spare bedroom to hold all of the ribbons) and is very knowledgeable with Photoshop and various plug-ins. Her talent is truly amazing and I and take inspiration from her photographs. I’m glad that she made the effort to get this photo. With all of the destruction happening in Mississippi and Louisiana, this will be a great way to show how we as photographers can take something that has the power to throw us back in the stone age for awhile and show how beautiful it can be at the same time. Here is what Carol had to say about her adventure…

hurricane issac leaving carol macdougallCarol MacDougall © 2012

In an attempt to wave good-bye to Isaac as it moved up the coast of Florida, we checked the radar for storm bands and weather updates and then drove out to Manasota Key and the Gulf. That was only half the fun – had to cover the camera with a plastic bag, put on a rain jacket with a hood, and venture out to the beach.  We were not alone on the beach — many people were in the water (even with the Rip Current warnings).  Wind gusts were very strong and it was impossible to set up a camera (forget a tripod) to take any long exposure shots…. it was definitely a quick point and shoot only opportunity and generally horrible conditions.  A few minutes standing next to the railing at the bottom of the boardwalk and a rain band hit with full force – blowing rain sideways.  A fast retreat to safety and to dry off was a must.  About a half hour latter the rain let up.  So, back out to the beach.  This time, walked out closer to the high surf.  Rain had stopped, but the wind was much stronger and made it difficult to stand and walk.  The lens filter quickly became coated with ‘stuff’.  But, even with high wind gusts, rain, salt spray and harsh blowing sand —- sometimes ‘ya just gotta be stupid.  Of course, that means you have to ignore the weather (not recommended) and take your camera and ‘play’ outside.  What we won’t do to try to capture that Kodak moment!!

Until next time…

Keep your glass clean (and dry!)


  1. Great photo!

  2. TRULY A “KODAK MOMENT”. Wish I’d been there.

  3. Very cool photo!

  4. You braved the elements to bring this one to us! :>) Great work my friend!!!

  5. Obviously you missed Mother’s lesson 101 regarding getting in out of the rain…………….and I am thankful that you did……….great shot Carol! Now clean all that sand out of your camera and camera bag.

  6. thank you!!!

  7. Fantastic photo Carol. Another award winning photo.

  8. Very brave of you. You captured what you hoping for. Good job.

  9. A wonderful shot of the eerie cloud formation with waves. Great job!

  10. Ms. Carol you are very brave! But this shot is well worth it! Amazing! I love the rolling waves and dramatic sky!

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