Guest Photographer: Carolyn Kneller – Gallery Show

One of the things that I like to do on this blog is promote other photographers work. There are so many talented folks out there and don’t get a chance to get recognized for it. It’s not always about the equipment that you do or don’t have, but more importantly, how we “see” as photographers that make a difference. We have the opportunity to show folks how beautiful or document a scene in a way that people who are not photographers can enjoy.

This week is another special post. I have known Carolyn Kneller for quite some time. She is an up and coming photographer and has photographed many different kinds of subjects. She also is a Nikon user so how can she go wrong? Just kidding. Here comes all the hate mail. Carolyn had the opportunity to do a gallery showing. I asked her to send over some of the photos that are on display and a description. As always, click on the thumbnail to see the full size photo. So without further ado, here’s Carolyn…

carolyn kneller gallery showCarolyn at her gallery showing.

A few weekends ago I ventured out into the hot Florida heat to Lowry Park Zoo with my D5100 and a 55-200mm lens.  I did bump into a few other photography enthusiasts during my visit.  I was a little jealous of the number of lenses at their disposal, but I was going to do what I could with what I had.  I could have photographed each of my favorite animals for hours, but I was with others and there were many animals to see.

The Playing Singing Apes (also known as Gibbons) were very active in the afternoon with the loud noises echoing throughout the park. This one I caught playing with a tire swing.

 carolyn kneller singing apeCarolyn Kneller © 2012

The Snoozing Green Bird (who opened her eyes for the picture) had just finished breakfast and was ready for a nap.  The eyes opened and so did the beak for a chirp.  I just love the green color.

 carolyn kneller larkeet snoozing green birdCarolyn Kneller © 2012

The Proud American Eagle was perched on a branch.

carolyn kneller american bald eagle Carolyn Kneller © 2012

The Laughing Gator was basking in the sun.  While waiting for the rest of the crew to get finished with a water ride, every so often I’d glance over at the gator and see it had completely changed positions.

 carolyn kneller laughing gator floridaCarolyn Kneller © 2012

The cat is my beloved “Kitty” who spies on birds out the window.

 carolyn kneller kitty spies on birds catCarolyn Kneller © 2012

The nighttime PG/PC bridge you’ll recognize. This was from partaking in one of our photography group outings. The Golden Sunset was from the same night at Gilchrist Park while practicing a silhouette look with the dock.

 carolyn kneller punta gorda florida bridge night timeCarolyn Kneller © 2012

carolyn kneller punta gorda florida sunsetCarolyn Kneller © 2012

The turquoise water landscape (I may have over-done this one in Photoshop a little) is a photo taken from Drake’s Seat in St. Thomas overlooking Magen’s Bay. Magen’s Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Drakes Seat is a photo-op stop for all tourists and it is your typical postcard of St. Thomas that every visitor must have!

 carolyn kneller st. thomas drakesCarolyn Kneller © 2012

The Red Lion Fish was taken in an aquarium at Coral World located in St. Thomas.

carolyn kneller red lion fish Carolyn Kneller © 2012

The “99 Steps” also in St. Thomas were built by the Danes in the mid 1700s. Ironically there are 103 steps. Go figure!  You might note I didn’t have time to center the stairs perfectly because my Dad was saying “hurry up let’s go” and I had to run to catch up to him already down the hill.  It worked out because why go for a perfectly symmetrical photo anyway? That’s no fun!

 carolyn kneller st. thomas 99 stepsCarolyn Kneller © 2012

I encourage comments on this post. She is an amazing photographer and I’m sure she would love to hear what you have to say.

Until next time…

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  1. Carolyn, beautiful photos and having a “Kitty” of my own, I especially like that one. What a gorgeous face and beautiful blue eyes.

  2. Carolyn,

    Great work. Love your pictures. The one of Megan’s Bay brings back memories of a wild ride through the mountains with an even wilder guide. We were able to get a picture of the Bay but more importantly we made it back alive.

  3. Beautiful photos Carolyn. I enjoyed looking at them. Thanks for sharing

  4. Thank you Ginny, I’m so happy to hear from cat lover. Curry, St. Thomas driving is a little nuts! Can you believe I drive there when I visit? Glad you got to see the beauty of the island in person. Thank you Linda for your nice comment! It’s really nice to have this experience as a novice. I just started earlier this year with a borrowed point and shoot at Spencer’s 101 class on Saturday mornings. I purchased my Nikon during my 2nd class, which was Photoshop. I’m really enjoying my new hobby and the people I meet along the way. I look forward to more of Spencer’s classes. Lighting and HDR are on my to do list! -Carolyn

  5. thank you for sharing your photos and your talent.


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