Guest Photographer: Margo Kessler Cook – Part 2

In this post we are lucky enough to have another body of work from an award-winning photographer, Margo Kessler Cook. She has traveled extensively and has had the opportunity to photograph many different types of subjects. If you missed the first post, be sure to check out the post named: Guest Photographer: Margo Kessler Cook. There are some remarkable photos on that page as well. The first two photos in this grouping were referenced in that post. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Margo’s work in the future.


Margo Kessler Cook called this one Out and AboutOUT AND ABOUT – Margo Kessler Cook © All Rights Reserved
This photo was selected and exhibited this past April – June in the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens 33rd Annual Juried Photographic Exhibition: Natural Florida. Found this turtle (think it’s a Peninsula Cooter) on a log while I hiked around Myakka River State Park. He stayed long enough for me to grab this shot.

Margo Kessler Cook called this one Eye See You.EYE SEE YOU – Margo Kessler Cook © All Rights Reserved
In February this year, I took 3rd Prize/Amateur Category in the ‘Sticks and Clicks’ photo competition by Ringling College of Art + Design and the Sarasota Museum of Art. All photos submitted were based on sculptor Patrick Dougherty’s Stickwork sculpture, ‘Out in Front’, on the grounds of historic Sarasota High School. This was a difficult shoot for some reason. Went back three different dates and times to try and capture something unique. I was determined to find a shot. Happy to say that determination paid off with the prize and cash award.

Margo Kessler Cook called this one Peaceful.PEACEFUL – Margo Kessler Cook © All Rights Reserved
My friend knows how much I love trees so he took me out on a foggy morning specifically to photo trees. The trees I like to shoot I refer to as ‘winterized’; you know, standing there naked, no leaves, just waiting for the new spring-summer-collection-to-come-in-naked. Those are the best trees. We get to see so many different designs in the branches, they pose well and don’t need a release form. Took this one in Texas on a foggy morning. When I look at it, I just feel peaceful inside.

Margo Kessler Cook called this one Leaf Origami.LEAF ORIGAMI – Margo Kessler Cook © All Rights Reserved
Found this little frog on my lanai one morning. He jumped up on a leaf and grabbed it like he was doing some leaf origami.  Had my camera handy so caught him before he hopped away. Enjoyed the different shades of green.

Margo Kessler Cook called this one Icons.ICONS – Margo Kessler Cook © All Rights Reserved
On my recent trip to Greece I was on the island of Mykonos. It’s a great place to meander around the maze of seemingly endless lanes, climb tiny whitewashed steps, and peek into churches. There are lots of shops, boutiques, cafes and art galleries; trendy restaurants and bars. I stumbled upon this shop that had the most beautiful icons. As the photo reveals, most are hand-painted on tree bark. I could not resist taking a photo of this unique iconographic collection. A joy to behold.

Margo Kessler Cook called this one Wounded.WOUNDED – Margo Kessler Cook © All Rights Reserved
While in Turkey, traveled to ancient Ephesus. After seeing all sorts of relics of the Hellenistic, Roman and early Christian era, I got to watch a live re-enactment of some Gladiators. It was like a time-travel experience. I stayed in the moment and managed to capture these two armed combatants in, dare I say it, the swing of things.

Margo Kessler Cook called this one Let There Be Light.LET THERE BE LIGHT – Margo Kessler Cook © All Rights Reserved
Abstract art. You either love it or you hate it. I happen to love it. Three elements that I try to incorporate into most of my art: abstract, organic and sensual. This photo is a work in progress. Played with a ray of light that came through the crack in the door. Aperture f/8, Shutter speed 1/20, ISO 160, White balance set on Incandescent. No, that’s not digital noise in the shot. Just playing with textured material.

Margo Kessler Cook called this one Stuck On YouSTUCK ON YOU – Margo Kessler Cook © All Rights Reserved
Cruising through the San Francisco Aquarium this bright red-coral colored starfish was adhered to the glass tank. It was interesting to see its tube-like feet and mouth in the center while watching the fish approach from the bottom as well as the school of fish swirl behind.

Margo Kessler Cook called this one Shangri-La.SHANGRI-LA – Margo Kessler Cook © All Rights Reserved
This was taken at Shangri-La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center in Orange, Texas. They have a Wetland Demonstration Garden with a series of shallow rectangular pools which grow aquatic and wetland plants. I took a series of photos at these pools and when I downloaded the images this one looked like it captured the Shangri-La experience quite well. Photo has almost an oriental quality about it.

Margo Kessler Cook called this one On TopON TOP – Margo Kessler Cook © All Rights Reserved
Love those classic car shows. Hood ornaments are one of the things that catch my eye. Not too sure of what vehicle this one was on. It was taken this past February at the Ferrari Clubs of America 9th Annual Cars on Fifth (Naples, FL). Fun event with lots of good photo ops. I liked this shot as the color of the car was so intense and the ornament looked like it was ready to fly right off the hood. The Florida sky reflected nicely in the oh-so-perfect paint job.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Thank your friend and thank you for the link to ‘my gear & project kits’.

  2. Margo, your previous group of photos were technically perfect (speaking as an untrained observer). However, this group of photos – the ones of nature in particular – made an emotional impact on me. You notice the details that most of us are too busy to notice, which is really the job of the photographer anyway. I know the range of your talents from metal-working to printing to fabrics to photography. You are a Renaissance artist and I am proud to be your “best bud”. Lee

  3. Shangri-la looks like a watercolor, amazing. I love the hood ornament as well, looks as though the figure is flying over turquiose oceans.

  4. Shangri-La would be beautiful enlarged and hung on a wall. Looks like a painting.
    Love all your work. So creative, I can tell you think a lot about your art, beyond a skill.

  5. Nice work Margo! I like the Peaceful.

  6. SHANGRA LA. is the most beautiful pic. just beautiful.

  7. I particularly appreciate Margo Cook’s inventiveness. It’s one thing to take a good photo, it’s another to envision what would make one. The auto hood ornament is a prime example of this. Who would think that it would make a good subject?

  8. Your natural talent was quite apparent when you first showed me your multi media collection of art (such detail). Now, I see the hard work you have applied to your inspiring photos. You make it look so easy. Can’t stop smiling.

  9. Margo you do wonderful work. The peace you find in photograph reminds me of the life you and Uncle John had together. Love

  10. I love all your work Margo. You have a good eye and an impressive array of artistic weapons 😉

  11. Margo, you absolutely amaze me. I thought what you were doing in Hawaii couldn’t be surpassed, but John’s departure seems to have freed something up in you and now everything you touch turns to gold. I think you need to get serious about your art, because great things are ahead of you, no matter what media you land in…..
    And I still owe you a phone call, I know!
    By your birthday, for sure.

  12. I have so enjoyed all your pictures, they are beautiful! Thank You for sharing!

  13. As always, lovely. I had no idea about the Shangra-La photo; I know I was there with you, but you must have kept this one hidden from me! It truly is my favorite of the group; you captured wonderfully one of God’s artistic masterpieces. I know too the amount of work you put into your photography! and it shows. The hood ornament gets the deCordova first place prize (Shangra-La of course won the deCordova grand prize – I’ll tell you what the prize is later.). I am requesting a print to add to my collection. Keep up the creative work! Your friends and co-photographer, Vann de Cordova, Beaumont, Texas.

  14. Thank you all for your kind words here in this post as well as personal emails. I deeply appreciate your taking time in letting me know your thoughts. It is good to have support from family, friends and fellow photographers like you.
    I am grateful to you, Spencer, for giving me the opportunity to share my work with your wonderful, ever-faithful readers.
    Blessings upon you.

  15. Beautiful work Margo…..just stunning!

  16. Beautiful work, Margo! I love them all! I am particularly intrigued with Shangri-La. It is lovely as a photo in itself but it looks like a photo of a painting. When we get together again you have to tell me more about this one. I know I won’t be able to duplicate your expert techniques but it would be fun to give it a try.

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