Spirit Of The Swan

As I have mentioned in previous posts, being in this field you have opportunities to meet some really nice folks from all diverse backgrounds. As some of you may know I also teach at a few art centers in the area. I checked my mailbox at one of the art centers and there was a note asking if I knew anything about InDesign to please call the following number. For those of you who aren’t familiar with InDesign, it’s another product from Adobe. InDesign is used to layout newsletters, business cards, magazines, just about anything. Think of it as Publisher, only much, much better and it actually works! When I worked in different print shops around Florida, some of the shops wouldn’t even accept Publisher files and if we did, we charged a premium to deal with them, as we knew we were going to get “punished by Publisher”.

Anyway, since I have been using the software for over ten years at this point, I thought I would call and see if I could be of assistance. I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Lundeberg, a local wildlife photographer and book author. She’s interested in writing children’s books and self-publishing on Amazon’s Kindle format. Having worked on some “eBook” projects in the past, this would be interesting. However, I was not familiar with the Kindle format. Mary had already done all of her homework and found the resources that we would need to take this from InDesign to Kindle.

I visited her in her beautiful home that is on Manasota Key. The water and way of life there is just what you would expect on a post card. Turquoise blue water and a town that is vibrant and full of energy. She works on a Mac, it was then I knew this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship….until she pulled out the Canon camera! Just Kidding! Mary took a few moments and showed me some of her wildlife photography. I have to say, I’m not a wildlife photographer. That is one of those niches that I haven’t grasped yet. The photos that Mary has taken were truly spectacular. Tack sharp photos with beautiful bokah backgrounds. She has the knack for this!

The goal of the project was that she wanted to incorporate her photography into the book to illustrate the story. She went through and sorted out the photos that she thought would best bring her point across. There was some Photoshop work that was done to polish off some of the images. Kindle has specific requirements on how big and what size the photos need to be. Since Mary already had this paperwork, it made it quite simple. The photos were prepped and ready for import into InDesign. We created a template and she added the text of the storyline first. Later, we dropped in the photos that corresponded with that part of the story. Kindle has a really neat plug in to export your InDesign file into the Kindle format. Within seconds, we were looking at her document ready for Amazon.

This sounds quite simple, but there are always little things along the way that needed to be smoothed out. Overall the process was painless and now she can make money on Amazon. This is a great option if you can’t afford or don’t want to go the traditional paper printing route.

Mary is putting the finishing touches on the described project above, however she has already written a book and it’s available on Kindle. Here’s a cover shot.

 Spirit of the Swan

I have seen this book in person and I can say that the photography and storyline is very impressive. If you are interested in purchasing it, please click here.

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