About PROfolio

Welcome to my PROfolio. What is my PROfolio you may wonder? This is the area that is designated for my more niche photography. Some photographers have specialties or niches that they work in. When I started photographing for magazines years ago, I had all kinds of projects thrown at me. In this business it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected. It’s common that I will show up on site with Plan A and five minutes into the project we need to shift gears into Plan B or even Plan C. On some of the projects that I have worked on I have the luxury of taking my time to set up the lighting and mold the environment that will be conducive into creating a photograph, and not just taking one. However, not all projects lend themselves to this type of detail. I have walked into many projects (usually CEO portraits) and I’m informed that I have “five minutes to take the photo”. This is where a photographer’s experience being in the trenches really comes into play.

Over the years of working on all different kinds of projects whether it be food, product, portrait, real estate, or photojournalism just to name a few, I have ran into many different kinds of difficult situations that have helped me accomplish the types of photography that I want to create for my clients needs. I have always insisted on acquiring the most professional equipment and training possible to deliver the best experience and quality that today’s clients demand.

Even though I have photographed many different kinds of subjects over the years, I find that there are a handful of subjects that I seem to photograph more of. In my PROfolio, these are the photographs that I want to share with you. Please sit back and enjoy looking through these photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in creating them. You may be interested in also looking through my “Portfolio” section. These photos are linked to blog posts that show more photos within the blog post as well as educational and entertaining material.

Spencer Pullen