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I’ve had the luxury of working with some of the premier homebuilders here in Southwest Florida. It never ceases to amaze me when I walk into one of these homes, all of the thought and planning that has gone in to it. For example, one home that I photographed had what I thought was a really big rat problem. Apparently, the homeowner has cats and wanted them to be able to roam the house even when the doors were closed. So the builder made some “cat alcoves” so they could go room to room. Another home that I visited I asked if it was possible to turn on all of the lights and turn all of the ceiling fans off. This one particular home was all computer controlled. The homeowner went to computer control panel and within seconds, all of the lights in the home were on and all of the ceiling fans were off! Amazing! I always like to ask what the homeowners did for a living. Most of them owned their own businesses you needed to take the corporate elevator to get to their position. Strange though, none of them said photographer!

Let me explain what I’m doing that is very different than most other real estate photographers. I have photographed interiors with photo strobes and without. Setting up strobes takes longer and gives you a different look. I use a new technique were no strobes are used. I show up on location with a tripod, camera and electronic release. This is faster as there is less equipment to move and modify and it’s also less invasive for the homeowner. They are gracious enough to allow me into their home. They don’t want me there for twelve hours photographing. With this solution, I’m able to take multiple exposures from the darkest areas to the lightest areas. In the computer I merge them all together using special software that takes the best parts of all of them and makes one complete exposure. Of course there is some polishing that needs to be done with Photoshop. Lastly, with this technique, I’m able to capture all of the lighting (including accent, such as crown molding lighting and under kitchen cabinets) and it gives you the sense that you are really standing there.

What I produce for my clients is also a little different. Some photographers will offer the client “rights” to use the photos either on their website, brochure or some other kind of material. I don’t have a “rights” fee. Also, I give my clients a disc that has high resolutions photos that can be used for commercial printing presses for brochures, magazines, and anything that goes on paper. On the disc are also low resolution or “web ready” photos that they can use for email, website or MLS just to name a few.

I appreciate you taking the time to look over a few of these real estate photographs. If there is anything that I can assist you with, please feel free to use the Contact Me page and I will get right back to you. Thanks…

Spencer Pullen

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Living Room


Game Room

Living Area

Master Bath


Piano Room

Outdoor Patio

Living Room


Living Room – Remodel