Fruit Loops

Momma always said to never play with you food. Well, I think that she would make an exception for this project. I had seen other photographers do something like this before and thought to myself that this would make an interesting self study project.

Anyone who know me, knows that sometimes I like to make things more difficult than what may be needed. I mean anyone can drop whole fruit into a pool of water and take a photograph, right? I did start out with some whole fruit and got the concept down.

One time in my life someone told me that I was “Fruit Loops”. Then it hit me. I had this bowl of fruit, why not cut it up and throw it in the water and see what happens? I cut up an orange, lime and lemon (think taste the rainbow) and I was ready. It only took me about 75 tries to get this one good shot.

Here’s a little tip if you decide to try this, use a toothpick! I was more worried about my flash exposure and what was happening with the camera, it never hit me to pin all three pieces together! You can always Photoshop out the little bit of toothpick that will stick out.

Here’s another tip, use an aquarium. I tried going the really cheap route and using a clear glass bread pan however, that turned out to be to shallow. I went to Wally World (Walmart) and got a 10 gallon fish tank for $12.95. This was worth it for the cause.

How I set this up…
This was actually a easy set up considering. I placed a flash on the left and right side of the fish tank. I had these set to 1/128 power. I fired the flashes wirelessly with Nikon’s SU800 commander. I had the camera set to ISO 100, f/8 at 1/250 of a second. I manually focused so the camera would not “hunt” while I was dropping the fruit into the tank. The big thing to get down is the timing. I had many frames where I had triggered the camera to early or to late. This just takes some practice.

I hope that some out you go out there and give this a try. It’s easy and relative cheap to set up. Your results will bare fruit! (Sorry, I had to stick that in there)

Until next time…

Keep Your Glass Clean



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