Let me first start off with an “I apologize”. I found out last week that the people who were hosting our site didn’t care about customer service or wither or not their service was reliable. Every time I tried calling them, I got the answering machine. Not good customer service. It was an unfortunate event as I have been with them for three years. Of course, once I canceled my account, they couldn’t do more for me trying to keep me as a customer. By this time it was to late.

Here is the part that really sucked, not only did it take down this site but my company site as well (premieregraphics.net). Also, all of our company email went with. As you can imagine, this was nothing short of a Freddy nightmare on Elm Street.

With a few phone calls and referrals, I had decided to move everything to GoDaddy. So far every time that I have needed help with something a HUMAN answers the phone and guess what? It’s here in the good ole’ USA. They are based in Scottsdale, Arizona and speak ENGLISH. I’m glad that I didn’t have to talk with “Peggy” and try and cash in my airline miles. I’m also able to host all of my websites on ONE ACCOUNT. This will save a substantial amount of money. So far it was worth the headache of the move.

At this point I thought all was set, until….our actual internet connection to our office went out. Of course this was over Easter weekend so nothing was going to happen until Monday (although GoDaddy was open). I did call our provider and they told me 24-72 hours before it was going to get fixed. Monday morning came and the little “Internet” light was lit once again. Once all the mice were back on the wheels, I was able to get things moving again.

This site is built with WordPress which works off of MySQL databases and PHP programming languages. I have NO TRAINING in this. You would think that to move a site, you would just move files from one destination to another. Ugh, I wish it were that easy. Long story short, GoDaddy came to the rescue. Their support documentation is quite superb. They had step-by-step directions to make the move as painless as possible. Within an hour, this site was live again.

GoDaddy also had written documentation as well as human support on how to recreate the email structure so everything would once again talk with each other. I’m just about out of the woods. The last thing that has to complete is the domain transfer. This should be done in a couple of days with no impact to any of the hosting structure.

To my faithful readers, I have not left you. I hope that is never happens again and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. In the coming days, I will be back to my regular posting schedule. I appreciate everyone’s understanding with this issue.

One last note, I will be revamping my “company” site (premieregraphics.net). I’ll let everyone know when it’s up and running. Also, I have a new project in the works. For those of you who don’t know, I’m an avid baker. I will leave it at that for now.

Until next time…

Keep Your Glass Clean


  1. glad to see you up and running

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