It’s All Green To Me

You know when the client calls and asks for something “different” that it’s going to be an interesting ride. Especially when it involves money. I have recently done some work for an economic development team, and they needed some stock money photos for their marketing material. So what is one to do. Well, first this is going to require…money!

I was in luck as some of my clients had paid me in cash. (If you are the IRS reading this, YES I did declare that money!) I had some different bills to play with. This photo had to be something different that would catch the users eye and want them to look either further in the site or open the printed material.

I started my getting a TV dinner tray and throwing the bills on top of the tray just to see how they would land and what they would look like. For the lighting, I wanted some dramatic light so I set up a flash off to the side with a shoot through umbrella. I took a couple of test photos but, nothing was really jumping out at me. Then it hit me. We needed “action” money. This was going to be our “call to action” photo. Like how that worked out?

I can honestly say that this effect was all done in the camera. I’m getting lazy these days and I would rather do this in the camera rather than spend all kinds of time in Photoshop.

How I photographed this…
As I said before, I had the money placed on a TV tray with a flash and shoot through umbrella off to one side. I put the camera on a tripod and placed it directly over the table. I have a tripod that allows the center column to be rotated horizontally. This is a very handy feature that I use from time to time.

I attached my electronic release to the camera. Here was the tricky part. I had to find an exposure that would allow me about a half to one full second shutter speed. my exposure setting was ISO 100 at f/11, .5 of a second. I zoomed in on the part that I wanted to be in focus and locked the focus. Here’s the trick to getting sharp, zoomed shots…did that just make sense? I started to zoom with my lens and I pressed the shutter release. I did this about ten times and I got the look that I was looking for. Be sure to click the thumbnail above to see the bigger version.

Well, this was actually an easy photograph to execute. As they say, it’s all in the wrist. Give this a try and you’ll be amazed at the results. Another great example of this would be standing in the forest at early morning or evening and making the forest look like it’s coming from the low sun. Just some ideas.

Until next time…

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